Reason we need your support!

IDYF has set up “IDYF Scholarship” to help distinguished youth with financial difficulties to take part in its session in Tokyo. We strongly believe that the participation of distinguished youth who originally have no choice but to give it up does not have only a positive influence on IDYF, but also the entire field of international development. Your sincere supports are indispensable not to limit the potential of the youth who will take the lead in the tomorrow of international development because of geographical and economic factors. We would appreciate it if you could cooperate. Besides, even though IDYF, planned and operated by the students , is a large-scale program, our budget is very limited. In order to provide a high-quality program, we would like to have your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Ways your support will help us!

We will use the received funds for the purposes below:

  • Scholarships:We would like to assist distinguished youth having economic difficulties with financial supports as travel expenses, participation costs and such in coming to Japan.
  • Operating expenses:We would like to purchase the necessary equipments for holding IDYF. We kindly ask for your cooperation to set a better environment for enabling the fruitful discussion.

We will submit the report which shows the details after the end of the session.