Q: How can I apply?

A: Please visit ”Application Guideline” page, read the notifications, and submit your application from the URL of the application form. 


Q: Is it possible to apply after the deadline?

A: No. We are afraid that the deadline date cannot be extended for whatever reason you may have. Please submit the application form well in advance of the deadline.

Q: How many people will be able to get the scholarship?

A: 10 participants will be able to get the scholarship.


Q: Which fees does the scholarship cover?

A: The scholarship for IDYF 2019 would cover the participation fee, excluding transportation fees. 


Q: What are the conditions for receiving scholarship?

A: We will give scholarship to those who want to use their skills, abilities, knowledge, or experiences, but cannot afford the participation fee due to the financial difficulty.


Q: Is it possible to apply for both the self-funded and the scholarship?

A: No, you cannot. The selection for scholarship would be much more competitive than that for self-funded, as only up-to 10 people will receive the scholarship, out of the 40 participants in total. Please carefully consider  before choosing which one you apply for.


Q: How does the IDYF 2019 Committee evaluate the scholarship application?

A: We will take into account your; language abilities, grades at academic institutions, prior practical experiences, answers to the assigned essays and a result of Skype interview. We will make a judgement based on all the things above.


Q: How can I get scholarship?

A: First of all, please submit the application for scholarship applicants. Then, a Skype interview will be held with only those who passed document screening. Those who pass the interview will receive scholarship for IDYF 2019.


Q: Is it possible to receive financial support for flight tickets even if I’m not eligible for scholarship?

A: No. We are sorry, but we cannot prepare any financial support for those who are not eligible for scholarship.


Q: Are there any costs we additionally have to pay?

A: Yes. Any cost that the participation fee does not cover will be borne by each participant, such as transportation fee between the airport and the venue, the hotel fee where you stay before and after the forum, insurance fee and wi-fi if needed.


 Q: Will the IDYF staff help the participants acquire a visa?

A: Yes. If you require any documents (e.g. invitation letter), please inform us so that we could provide you with them. It is your responsibility to get a visa on time. As the visa process could take a long time, we strongly recommend that you start preparing as soon as possible when selected as participants. *Visa expenses are not included in the participation fee.