Hiroki Muramatsu



I have been engaged in several internships in the Asian emerging countries such as a logistics project in Thailand and Myanmar, a microfinance project at a local NPO in India, and a business related to financial inclusion at a local Fintech startup in Philippines. Through these experiences, I have realized that the co-working among a wide variety of sectors is quite essential to promote development of developing countries. I hope IDYF2019 would be the place to discuss how we can design the future of international development with people across the world.

Daiki Naito 



IDYF not only provides a space that fosters debates about international development for a range of people from across the globe: it goes beyond that. Our aim is to fill the gap between international development as an academic discipline and its real-life implications for youth, providing more than just a platform for vague discussions. Our conference is not just an ephemeral think tank, but an opportunity to challenge participants’ preconceptions and assumptions on the subject of development. It requires them to think beyond the timeline of the conference by crafting realistic solutions to be implemented in their own countries. I joined the IDYF organizing team to ensure that what makes our conference unique and invaluable for the participants and strive to make it even better.

Urwah Khan 



I think IDYF is the forum that I was looking for. My current research reviews the role envisaged for hydrogen energy within the context of global and national ‘sustainable’ energy strategies, that is, strategies seeking to address climate change imperatives and guarantee energy security. Some general guidelines for integrating hydrogen into sustainable energy futures are proposed. I was looking for the shed where I could be able to talk to young researchers from different backgrounds so that I would be able to get their ideas and their views on Sustainable Development, Circular Economy and Hydrogen Economy. IDYF gathers brilliant minds from different countries and gives them an opportunity to be in a place with tremendously talented individuals from all corners of the world, which will enrich us in many aspects. It will help us to understand how unity in diversity can make such a powerful impact on people’s lives. I am looking forward to meeting with all of the participants. I am confident that the skills that I have been developed during my professional and in academia will further ameliorate.

Ayana Ikemoto

Foreign Affairs Manager


I am Ayana Ikemoto. At IDYF, I take charge of General Affairs and Accounting. When I was a high school student, I met refugee child in Finland (one of the country in Northern Europe). After that I started to have an interest in international development. My major is international law, however, a lecture on international development is not progress. At that time, I found the recruitment guide for a steering committee of IDYF2019 and I was charmed by the word “opportunity for youth to share opinions and discussion on international”. Youth not only in Japan but also in all around the world gather and discuss. I think that this kind of opportunity is unique and valuable for us. I don’t have any experience like the others, however, I strive to realize that all participant in IDYF2019 have animated and fruitful discussion!


Momoko Nokaoka

Conference Coordinator


I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tokyo, studying architecture. Since I am the middle child of 3, I have enjoyed people watching and become very curious about human society. After thinking over, I finally decided to major architecture, not international relations or psychology. After I started to learn architecture, I realized how architecture is relevant with developmental issues, which made me join IDYF. As a research member, I hope to spend enough time on developmental problems and find any specific issue to solve in my future. I have less knowledge about global issues compared to students majoring IR, but I wish I contribute to IDYF, making use of my positive and cheerful personality, in addition to design skill and creative thinking. 

Luka Ishino

Conference Coordinator


I am Luka Ishino, a junior student of Keio University majoring in law. Through taking part in IDYF, I would like to reconsider what is “development.” In the rapid changing era, the definition of “development” must be different for each person. IDYF will be the best opportunity for me to exchange ideas about it and consider how to realize better international development that everyone will be benefited from. As a member of the Research Team for the IDYF 2019 Committee, I would try my best for making IDYF where everyone can share their unique ideas on development and gain enriching experience. I am sure that IDYF will be more than a one-week conference and we can establish a long-lasting network to create and implement solutions to international development in our communities.

Shiori Ito

Conference Coordinator


I have studies International Relations, and got involved with some programs in developing countries. Learning that development has greatly varying meanings in many ways from theoretical and comparative perspectives through these experiences, I gained many more interests and questions about that. Since then I have found it interesting to discuss how development is, and should be for the future. That is why I decided to join the IDYF research team. This conference would be characterized in that participants can explore even solutions on the subject of development in depth by sharing their cultural backgrounds and experiences. Not only for offering discussion topics, I wish to make the meaningful forum which leads each participant to actually take action.

Xinyi Koay 

Conference Coordinator


I am part of the Research Team for the IDYF 2019 Committee. Having had my views challenged and perspectives broadened at past youth conferences, my goal is to work on making IDYF 2019 an enriching experience for our participants. IDYF provides an opportunity for youth around the world to share their unique ideas on development and learn from one another. IDYF strives to be much more than just a one-week conference.  In this era of uncertainty, my hope is that IDYF participants leave with newly-acquired knowledge and renewed purpose to become change-makers in their own communities.

Tomomi Kawakami 

Public Relations Assistant 


I'm Tomomi Kawakami, a junior at Soka university, and majoring economics. I'm currently studying international business and gender studies in the U.S. I have been interested in international development since I had met lively children and women in the slums of the Philippines. I would like to contribute to alleviating “gap” among people and establishing "inclusive society" in the future. Last year, I joined IDYF2018 which gave me precious experience and friendship. I'm sure that IDYF is the most exciting and fruitful opportunity to discuss global issues and make great friends all over the world. I am going to make this amazing opportunity more fruitful for all the participants! I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

Zannatul Ferdous Munmun

Public Relations Assistant 


As a former participant, my experience with IDYF has been a rewarding both for my personal and professional development which has made me interested to be a part of the organizing team for IDYF2019. As a passionate learner who is loyal to learning, IDYF has been a great platform for me to expand my knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Taking part in IDYF has forced me to get out of my comfort zone. And most importantly it has given me the opportunity to be friends with people who I will cherish forever! If you are someone like me, don’t hesitate to apply for the upcoming forum! Who knows? Maybe you will get the chance to discover a new 'you' thousand miles away from home just like I did!